Welcome to Personal Productivity Club

A digital community of personal productivity enthusiasts, experts, technologists, and creators.

About Us

We are a community of Personal Productivity enthusiasts, experts, technologists, and creators.

Personal Productivity Club exists to connect you (with Personal Productivity enthusiasts who get your passion for personal and professional effectiveness and efficiency) and support you, so you have a safe place to share your stories, experiences and ideas on this life journey together of learning and personal and professional growth.

Why You Should Join Us

In this workaday world, we lose sight of our successes, accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned. (This is especially the case for those of us who don't have people around us who get our passion for managing our lives well.) We want every member of this community to find those productive components in their work, improve over time, and ultimately, feel a sense of purpose and satisfaction from the effort they put into their productive lives.

Personal Productivity Club is also home to many other groups, events (and forthcoming courses), including

  • GTD Meetups for NYC, Washington DC and Pittsburgh PA,
  • GTD Café, our virtual meetup for those who can't make it to our in-person events above,
  • Productivity Book Group, the live, virtual personal productivity book club and podcast,
  • our Personal Productivity Resources Library, Athenaeum, where our host Ray Sidney-Smith has assembled many of his productivity tools Webinars, tutorials, interviews, and templates, and
  • much more.

Ground Rules

We want this to be the most productive, digital community of personal productivity enthusiasts of which you are a member. To do so, we've created a few Ground Rules to keep our productivity compass directed north. Please review these before joining the community and refer back to them on occasion to make sure you're staying within the bounds of these guiding principles.

Ground Rules:

  1. No shameless self-promotion of your business and/or products/services without explicit prior consent of the host, or one of our moderators. Don't spam the community with links to blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube channels/videos, or similar. If you share content with no meaningful commentary for discussion, your posts will be deleted. For repeat offenders, you will be ejected from the community altogether. (Empower others to share your content here, so it comes with credibility. How do you do that? Make your content worth sharing!)

  2. Only individuals may join the community (i.e., a real person's name, not a business or organization's entity name or logo). All others will be warned and then removed. We also encourage you to put up a photo in your profile so people can engage with human-focused content, not faceless posts and comments. We highly encourage members to put up a real picture of you (or at least an awesome caricature!) in your profile.

  3. You can disagree with anyone without being disagreeable. Be constructive, positive and stay on topic--personal productivity. Waiver from these principles, and we may or may not warn you before banning you from the community. It's really important for this to be a safe space for people to share, learn and grow, and if they feel like they're being attacked that's not good.

  4. At the same time, while this is a safe space, it's not a space for oversharing. That's a kind of unproductive hostility in its own right. It also creates a data privacy risk for you, potentially. Please start conversations and equip community members with only the needed information to help and be helped. Untoward or unsavory details shared are not helpful. Rule of thumb: If you must question whether it's appropriate, it's probably not. 😉

Ray Sidney-Smith and the moderators in the channels (groups) will post events, learning opportunities, courses, group coaching/mastermind groups, and other activities from time-to-time for you to engage. Please set up your notification preferences to get those you want and to stop the ones you don't want.

Featured Members

We come from all walks of life, so if you're a passionate productivity enthusiast, you'll likely find others interested in something you are.

I'm Frank Buck, EdD, a public speaker, productivity coach, and writer. My method is presented in my book, Get Organized! Time Management for School Leaders. I'm honored that "Global Gurus Top 30" named me #1 in the Time Management category for 2019.  

I'm here on Personal Productivity Club to enjoy exchanging ideas with like-minded people who are interested in being better tomorrow than we are today. 

I'm Denise Hurd, an IT Consultant and IT Manager, installing and monitoring over 400 commercial solar locations.

I'm here on the Personal Productivity Club because I enjoy learning how other motivated people get things done. I am geeky about productivity tips and tricks, but I'm sure there are worse habits. 

I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, your host here on Personal Productivity Club, and I'm also a productivity fan(atic)! By day, I help businesses become more productive through the use of solid business strategy paired with great technology and productivity principles.

I'm here on Personal Productivity Club to drive its mission forward of connecting you with other productivity enthusiasts so you can learn, share and grow together both professionally and personally.